Covid'19 Response

Though there is still so much we don’t know and can’t predict, we do know one thing – this community is strong, resilient, and we always care for one another.

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Minority Vets Covid'19 Response

We built resources, events, services, and launched a Relief Fund designed to meet your needs during this time.

Since the declaration of national emergency in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Minority Vets has been working tirelessly to determine how to best serve our community by being agile in our response to evolving needs.
Support for our members

Assistance, Resources, and Events

We are committed to being responsive, adaptive, and innovative in how we deliver service to meet our community’s greatest needs.

Personalized Resources

Our COVID-19 Response Team is on stand-by to help you. If you’re experiencing difficulties – physical, financial, emotional – we can help get you connected with resources in your area.

Attend Virtual Events

From virtual recovery hour to community coffee hours, 

the team at MVA is building events and groups to help you stay connected to each other during this time of ‘social distancing’.

Volunteer with Us

Through our COVID-19 Response Team, Minority Veterans of Americais working to meet the needs of our community in the near and distant future. 

Find Resources

If you need additional support, we have compiled a list of resources in various areas: Employment, emergency assistance, food, education, and more. 

About MVA's Relief Fund

The MVA COVID-19 Relief Fund provided food and transportation assistance to our members who need the support in the communities we serve.  

MVA’s COVID-19 Relief Fund was open for applications from minority veterans in all 50 states on a rolling basis. Though the fund has been exhausted of resources, we were able to provide over $100k worth of food, transportation, and utility assistance to our members.

We Believe:

Even the strongest need support.

Our Response at a Glance

MVA’s Relief Fund has been open since May 2020
applications processed
0 %
experiencing food insecurity
0 %
of applicants have a disability
0 %
of applicants are unemployed


All of your questions about MVA’s COVID-19 Relief Fund, from applications and contact information to membership and proof of veteran status, answered.

When is the COVID-19 Relief Fund open?

Applications Closed:

MVA's COVID-19 Relief Fund accepted applications nationwide on a rolling basis. All funds have been distributed and we have depleted our resources.

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How much is MV dedicating to the COVID-19 Relief Fund and how are you providing resources to the community?

Covid'19 Relief Fund

Minority Veterans of America dedicated $30,000 to start the COVID-19 Relief Fund. Since then, we have received contributions from the Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Foundation, VA Claims Insider, and Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and an outpouring of support from those in our community who had resources to share.
We provide resources to the community in the form of direct financial assistance.
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Do I have to be a member of Minority Veterans of America?


Yes. All minority veterans and their families are encouraged to get involved with MVA and to take advantage of the virtual programs we offer. In order to be eligible to receive financial assistance, you must be a member of MVA. Membership is free and information can be found at minorityvets.org/join. 
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Do I have to provide verification of veteran identity or proof of service and what documents can I provide?


In order to receive financial assistance from MVA, members must submit one form verification of veteran identity or proof of service. This can be provided in any of the following formats: 

  • Redacted DD-214
  • Scanned VA ID 
  • DoD Retired ID 
  • VLetter of Service (Available at va.gov) 
  • NGB Forms 22 and 22A 

If you are unable to find this documentation or do not have any of the above, please still apply and indicate this on your application.  

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Do I have to prove financial need?


As an organization, we recognize that not all need looks the same on paper. For that reason, we are not asking applicants to provide specific documentation, instead, encourage all who are in need of assistance to apply for the support through the COVID-19 Relief Fund. We will make every effort to support as many members of the community as we can with the resources we have and to do it in an equitable way 

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Who do I contact if I have more questions about the MVA’s COVID-19 Response and Relief Fund?

More Info

If you have more questions about the COVID-19 Response Team and Relief Fund, please send us an email at covid19responseteam@minorityvets.org

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Can I apply for financial assistance multiple times?


Due to limited resources, each member/household is only eligible to receive financial assistance one time. 

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Get more Information !

Questions about our relief fund, resources, or events? Do you want to help your community through this difficult time? 

For more information, reach out to our COVID-19 Response Team at covid19responseteam@minorityvets.org

our extended community

COVID'19 Donors & Partners

From helping host events to financing our MVA COVID19 relief fund:
MVA could not provide support to our community without the support of our community.

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