Mission, Vision, Values


The mission of Minority Veterans of America (MVA) is to create belonging and advance equity for minority veterans.


A just world that empowers minority veterans.


MVA is built on the following fundamental values that we use as our guiding principles for our organization: 

Equity – We recognize that without true and committed work to creating equity, there is no hope for equality and justice in our community. As an organization, we look to understand and address the equity gaps and disparities that exist between minority veterans and their non-minority veteran and civilian counterparts.

Inclusion – We are a community and organization that is inclusive of veterans of all walks of life and lived experiences. So long as you are here to fight for our collective liberation and stand with those who represent a spectrum of identities, there is a place in MVA for you.

Intersectionality – History has shown us that if we do not find a way to organize, we will lose our seat at the table and our communities will suffer for it.  Using an intersectional framework that works from the understanding that minority veterans are impacted by multiple layers of discrimination and systems of oppression, we are building a united community to address the greatest challenges our communities face. Through this work, we are creating a collective voice that is bigger, stronger, and more capable of fighting for change and winning.

Advocacy – We recognize that advocacy and representing the needs, wants, and experiences of our members and community is imperative to changing the landscape of services for those who feel as though they have been forgotten in the veteran community. Our advocacy efforts help us to ensure that the change we are working toward is both tangible and lasting.

Education– We believe that education and developing the minority veteran community are not just a portion of what we do but is the means for sustaining our organization, our work, and our community. Through education and development programs, we will offer both training and education about the needs of minority and underrepresented groups in the veteran community as well offer development opportunities to our members, leaders, and minority veterans.