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Minority Veterans of America is a leader in the field of veteran Equity, Inclusion, and Justice.
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For too long, people have been constrained in their ability to succeed based on social and structural forces.

Racism, bigotry, and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, and more deny minority veterans the equal opportunity to succeed. At MVA, we use the fundamental values of equity, inclusion, intersectionality, advocacy, and education to guide our work towards a just world.
We decided to share our guiding principles and help others.

Minority Veteran Employment

A few facts about minority veterans in the labor market.

unemployed veterans in 2019
0 %
employed veterans with service-connected disability work public sector
0 %
of veterans are women
Training & Development SpotLight

Equity, Justice, & Inclusion Training

Advancing equity to evolve businesses.


Assess, grow, and reevaluate.

One of the most important tools to advance goals of equity, inclusion, and justice is an organizational assessment to determine how your organization performs with racial equity, inclusion of LGBTQ people, promotion of women, and more.


Embrace strategic intention.

Centering equity in hiring starts with strategic intention from all levels of leadership committed to increasing equity in educational status and race while espousing a commitment to a holistic approach and a whole-person paradigm.
ongoing training and education

Shift to a culture of understanding.

Goals of truly diversifying your organization in a lasting and sustainable way, require a commitment to truly understanding the communities that you wish to welcome in and serve. Culture shift is a must.

getting started

We will help, develop, and guide.

When better serving minority communities, your commitment to justice will reflect in those around you.For a comprehensive consultation, contact training@minorityvets.org

This work must be dynamic and sustainable as the ills it seeks to address are myriad and omnipresent.


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Your efforts will help make your organization more prepared to meet the ever-changing needs of a diverse and incredibly dynamic workforce and clientele. 

For more information or to request a quote, please contact us at Training@minorityvets.org

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